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Frequently Asked Questions

No. We do not charge for our services. We are not a club nor affiliated with any, but rather individual amateur radio operators bringing our distinctive skills, resources, knowledge base, and combined efforts to help facilitate the repeater system.

No, but you will need a minimum of a technician Amateur Radio Operator license. Many of our users use their cell phones.
To learn how to connect with a cell phone, go here:

iPhone users: Click Here

Android Users: Click Here

Click “Morning Brew Question Submission” above.

We are always looking for talent and people that can help.  Just head over to the User Sign Up page and list out your talents.  When we are looking for special skills our team will reach out to you.

Best way is to check your Supermon and see if you are connected.  You can also check on the  AllStar website.

You can! Just head over to Listen Live and press the play button.

Pro tip:  If you are connected to the ECR via a radio, you can hear yourself in 2 minutes from when you last transmitted.