How To Setup EchoLink Ham Radio

  1. Find the Echolink app on your phone by going to iTunes or Google Play Store and search “EchoLink”
  2.  Download the app, and run it. It should ask you for your callsign to be logged into the system.
  3. Follow the steps until it tells you to proceed to the verification.

4.  Go to the FCC ULS Website:

5.  If you havent logged in here before, click on “Register”

6. If you have already registered here before, click on “Log In” under the Online Filing section

6. Once logged in, navigate to “Download Electronic Authorizations” in the left menu bar

7.  Select the option in the left window with your Ham Radio Callsign, and click “ADD >”, then highlight your document, then click “DOWNLOAD” in the bottom right. DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME. But you can select where you want to save it.

8. Go to and put in your call sign then click Continue. Click on “FCC PDF Document (Preferred Method)“.

9.  Follow the instructions to upload the PDF file that you downloaded from the FCC ULS website, into the EchoLink Validation website.

10.  You should receive an email confirmation notifying you when you are all setup for EchoLink

Once you receive the confirmation email from EchoLink, then you will be all setup to connect to ham radio repeaters from almost any device! PC, Ipads, Tablets, Phones, etc. Mac computers are not compatible with the desktop software at the time of this writing. It is a great tool once you start playing around with it. So, do just that! Play around with it!

How To Use EchoLink Ham Radio On Your Android

Remember, even though you are using it on your cell phone, it still behaves like a radio. In other words, you still have to take turns transmitting and receiving.

First screen is the welcome screen.  You enter your Callsign, what you want to be for your password, and email address.

Once you are in you will come to the main screen.

There are 2 ways you can connect to a repeater through the app. First, click on the 2 people button on the top menu.

The first way to connect to a repeater is to browse for one. Tap on “Locations”. You can then continue down the menus to find repeaters in different parts of the world to talk to!

The second way is to just type in the repeater’s call sign in the search box at the top. For our example, we will connect to The East Coast Reflector, 9050. Please remember that this is a live repeater.  

You should now see the East Coast Reflector.  Click on the ECR9050 

Click Favorites and then Click Connect

When you are connected the screen will look like this:

When you are connected to a repeater on your phone, you are in a “conference room”. This conference room will show you other people connected to the repeater via EchoLink or IRLP. You can also leave the conference room by tapping “End”. Or you can send a transmission by tapping “Transmit”.

Key up and say hello! Welcome to the East Coast Reflector!